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Rosie Cataldo, Founder 

Consult Rosie, LLC


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About Rosie

It is my privilege to serve as a trauma-informed anti-human trafficking consultant, educator, and healing conduit. I am an experienced researcher, a multifaceted writer, and an innate connector. Offering people tools to create life-long barriers to traumas and embark on their path toward healing is my mission.

After a rewarding experience working in Public Affairs for the Federal Reserve Bank, a suburban child sex trafficking scheme ignited a shift. After some recalibrating, I began researching and connecting with people in various sectors of the anti-trafficking space. I have been inspired by extraordinary people doing remarkable work and have learned that we all can share our unique gifts to do something for the greater good. I have blended my past professional experience and my current (and ever-expanding) awareness to aid in awakening, and solution-infusion measures - all under the umbrella of prevention and healing. Addressing how various sectors and individuals can come alongside this growing epidemic of human crimes, to infuse solutions and serve as protectors in their respective areas, is vital.

I believe there are, truly, no coincidences in life.

Part of my scope includes presenting and conducting trainings for a wide variety of audiences on solution-based topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Human trafficking interdiction

  • Interpersonal & digital safety

  • Assault & abuse prevention

  • Sextortion & schemes

  • Trauma releasing modalities

  • Intuitive Coaching

  • Multimodal healing therapies 

  • Coping with secondary trauma

  • Impacts of sexual, physical & emotional abuse

  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

  • Economic & societal impacts of trauma

  • Financial crime deterrence strategies 

Service Offerings

*Downloadable PDFs linked 

Trainings Certifications & Partnerships

Adaptive Internal Relational (AIR) Network therapy is a neuro-developmental, competency-based theory and model of therapy developed over the past 25 years by, Patti Miller MA LP, Phyllis Solon PsyD, LP, and Dawn McClelland Phd, LP.  

Traumatic Incident Reduction modality for alleviating PTSD and Trauma Solutions, trained by Victor Lyons, PTSD Therapist.

Association for the Recovery of Children's Equipping Training - 40 hours of training to combat child sex trafficking in the areas of prevention, intervention, rescue, advocacy and direct services to victims and survivors.

Human Trafficking Interdiction Training Course 

Law Enforcement Focused via the Human Trafficking Training Center.

Reiki Master Certification, trained by Amy Nesdahl, RMT.

Mother of three thriving children.

Education: The University of Minnesota - BA in Journalism, and Spanish.

Member: FBI Citizens Academy


Outreach Coordinator for Public Int'l Cybercrimes Disruption Organization

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