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Human Trafficking Training  

“Our company provides a wide range of products and services in hundreds of travel and leisure venues across North America. We asked Rosie to provide our operations leadership team with initial familiarization and training on the growing threat posed by Human Trafficking.

Rosie has spent countless hours researching and meeting with trafficking experts in government, law enforcement, and private sectors. She provided an informative, impactful presentation that discussed the trafficking epidemic, what to look for, and how to align our response with established law-enforcement protocols. I would highly recommend Rosie Cataldo for any organization wanting to increase their knowledge and ability to respond appropriately to the criminal human trafficking activity.”  

- Thor Osteboe, COO

Assault Prevention & Exploitation Training

“Rosie was informative while spreading awareness of safety prevention for our Club Volleyball team. She provided an informational session on how to be safe and showed the girls how to react to potentially threatening situations with self-defense moves. I would strongly recommend Rosie!"

- Anne Siewert, Pediatric Nurse & Parent


"Rosie Cataldo is a gentle yet powerful healing force I am so grateful to have been introduced to at a healing retreat for survivor leaders. Rosie shared two wonderful and effective healing modalities with our group, that I continue to share with my clients. She made it easy and comfortable to learn in an environment where deeply painful and challenging memories and experiences are being shared. I am grateful and honored to have met and shared space with Rosie."

 - Linda Maietta, RMT, Director of Retreat Services at The Blueprint Project

"Rosie’s care and kindness radiates from her being. Her ability to create a safe container where you can truly let go and heal is a gift. I always leave my session with Rosie with a deep feeling of calm and relaxation. I am grateful for her many strengths in supporting me to walk the path of honesty, love and waking up to all the beauty in this life!"

-Alex Freese, Holistic Healer & Personal Trainer

“I suffer from PTSD. For years it has kept me from thriving in life. For at least a decade I could not sleep. I would have nightmares, relapses, and I could not find ways to release the darkness. Rosie has amazing energy, a soft soul, and an ability to deliver tremendous light through her healing. Because of this, I now sleep well, I am able to manage stress and emotions in a positive manner. I am absolutely grateful for the work she has done for me.”

- Logan J., Overcomer

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